#1 rule of operating online… to be seen on search engines.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) being so important, organisations are under significant pressure to get website visits from search engines, why not use a service that works? We can offer a service that rivals most specialist agencies.

Averagely 60%-65% of website visits are made via search engines. Using our SEO services will provide you with a greater chance of getting visitors from these searches. SEO will help get you to the top of ‘Google’ in certain key areas of business and give you a helping hand in success in the online business world.

What we can do for you:

  • Ensure Your Website Is ‘Google Friendly’
  • Ensure Your Using Relevant Keywords
  • Analyse and Monitor Your Key Competitors
  • Make Sure Your Site Structure Is Efficient
  • Help Search Engines Find Their Way Back To Your Site
  • Performance Reporting (Monthly)
  • Recommended Improvements (Quarterly)
Effective Keyword Selection – Before you start it is essential that you thoroughly research your keywords so you are sure that when your site is linked on page one of Google it achieves the relevant results. Text and Content – It is important we write your website in order to get a greater consistency of keywords. Meta Tags – We will develop an in depth catalogue of description and key words that will make your site more search engine friendly.

Please feel free to call 01276 681027 or email info@4imagination.co.uk to enquire about our SEO services and pricing.