Imagination has been designing the Crown Golf websites for the past 8 years and with the current sites coming up to three years old it was time to update the websites. A digital design agency was needed to give the website a more accessible, user-friendly look.

We all know that web design has moved on rapidly in the past three years. For example, this Web Design Agency Hampshire has been adapting its designs and integrations to accommodate for iPads, tablets, and smartphones. Websites now need to be able to adapt to the device on which they are viewed. However, good web hosting is still as important as ever, which is why many web designers go to places like Hosting Servers for their website hosting needs. To do this they need to be responsive and google now gives priority to websites that are responsive over those that are not when conducting a search.

Crown Golf were not in a position to completely re-build the websites so Imagination proposed a refresh of the websites instead. This refresh involved making the sites responsive, so as to keep them at the top of the google searches as well as being able to be viewed on mobile devices, but the content remained the same as did the Content Management System so that the individual club managers could continue to update their own club’s website. Some companies similar to Crown Golf find that having a blog – from somewhere similar to – could help keep their visitors up to date on what is going around their clubs, whether it’s events, gathering or maintenance on courses.

Imagination estimated that the project would take two months to complete and gave Crown a proposal that all 23 clubs would be completed by a March 31st deadline.

The deadline of March 31st was hit meaning that Imagination delivered a major project on time and within the stated budget once again.

To view the new Crown Golf responsive website please click here