Members Details

members-profileAll of the members details held within the membership system at the club are editable by the member in the members website.

The member can update their telephone number, email address etc and they can also decide what information is visible on the site to the other members. For example a member may choose to hide their address and home telephone number but display their mobile number, this is achieved by simply selecting the appropriate radio button from with their profile.

Email addresses are never shown within the website as there is an “email me” button that appears when there is an email address within the members record.

Member Directory

members-directoryThe member directory within the website will allow you to find details of all the other members of the club.

There are two ways of searching for members using the member directory, you can click on the initial letter of the surname of the member you wish to find from the alphabet at the top of the screen, which will display a list of members whose surname starts with that letter. You can then scroll down until you find the member that you are looking for. The information shown will be what the selected member has decided to be available to other members.

The second way of searching for members is by using the pre-determined group drop down. The club can create groups within the system, such as Gents, Ladies, Seniors and allocate members to these groups. When you then select the Ladies group from the drop down all of the ladies will appear.


members-diaryThe golf club’s diary can be easily imported into the website and colour coded for each section within the club.

There are two ways that the diary can be displayed on the site, either in grid format or in list format.

The diary default is to show all events but it can be filtered by each section, so a member can decide to only see events relevant to him. You can also click on the event to bring up more information about it.

The month displayed initially will always be the current month, but you can scroll backwards and forwards through the diary by the clicking the grey buttons either side of the current month that display the previous month and the next month.

For those clubs with our IMS system there is also the functionality to actually book into a competition from within the diary rather than having to go back out of the diary and enter through the Competition side of the site.


members-newsNews items can be posted onto the website by any person who has admin capabilities within the system.

The news items can be assigned to particular groups such as Ladies, Gents, Seniors, Juniors or can be just “club” news items.

By default each news item will have the default image attached however you can always add a relevant image of your own to replace the default one.

News items have an option for a start date and an end date, they can be classed as a “header” item or a “sticky” item and you can also decide if the news item is “public” or “private”.

Depending on which settings you apply will decide where the news items will appear, in short news items appear in date order but a sticky news item always stays at the top and public news items can be viewed by anyone whereas private can only be viewed by members who have logged into the site.

Online Competition Entry

[menu_anchor=”#onlinecompetitionentyr”] members-comp-entryMembers are now be able to enter competitions online via the members website.

This has been achieved by a successful integration with the handicap software company Handicap Master.

Members are able to book themselves and a number of playing partners into a competition (the number of additional players is controllable by the club), as well as remove themselves from the competition if they are no longer able to play.

There is also an option to elect to receive email notifications of bookings, this way anytime the member books into a competition or is booked in by another member they will receive an email notification. At the time of electing to receive notifications you can also decide how often the notifications are sent.

Email Members

members-emailMembers can now very easily email other members via the members website.

To send an email from within the members website the first thing that you need to do is to find the member that you wish to email. To do this go to the member directory and click on the intial letter of the surname, then scroll down until you find the member.

Click the “Email Me” button, compose your email and should you wish to you are able to add up to another 5 members. Adding additional members is easy you just simply find them in the member list at the bottom of the page and add them to the recipients box. When you are ready just click send!