Imagination were tasked with finding a good CRM application for a golf club that wanted to ensure they looked after their enquiries and didn’t allow them to get forgotten. The comment was that “We are really good at talking to people when they come to the club, but we are really bad at managing the enquiry after the visit!”

We looked around but really struggled to find a tool that would work for the needs of a golf club. All the existing CRM system seemed to be more “business-to-business” prospecting tools and struggled to cope with an enquiry from someone not attached to a business.

We eventually decided to create our own and integrate it with the rest of the system. This means that as we take the details of an enquiry for any service offered by the club. The contact details are added to the contact database and the CRM module can manage the enquiry. Emails can be sent through the system, documents can be attached. We can record the activity and set pop up reminders to contact them again at defined dates / times.

We have also enabled every module of the system to take an enquiry and allocate it to a member of staff for further management. This stops the need for pieces of paper that get lost and ensures that the service you provide your prospects is the best it can be.

Imagination have also created a form that can be added to your web site that, when completed will automatically add the details to the CRM system as an enquiry. The system can be configured to allocate different enquiry types to different members of staff and then send email notifications.

  • Quick Data Capture
  • Assign Enquiry to relevant staff
  • Add value to each enquiry
  • Manage status of enquiry
  • Send Emails
  • Record correspondence
  • Attach documents
  • Record activity
  • Set reminders
  • Pop up box with Snooze option
  • Enquiry reports with status
  • Activity reports
  • Convert enquiry to live event
  • Attach enquiries to Campaigns
  • Add To-Dos and allocate them to staff
  • Filter enquiries by staff or interest