The Touch Screens are easy-to use, reliable and very flexible.

We have integrated the popular ICRTouch Point of Sale till into our SAHARA system. This gives us one of the most widely used software packages of any of the system providers. There are over 100,000 till systems in the UK providing services to a huge variety of customers. We have had the software adapted to suit the needs of a golf club and now it offers both a reliable and very effective service for this market.

The fully customisable screen layout allows us to suit the exact needs of any customer and the powerful table tab facility means that we can service the needs of the most demanding client. The tills support Members cards with a variety of discount levels and top up facilities. There are 9 different price levels available to support function pricing and happy hour options.

Features include:

  • Touch Screen
  • Customisable Screen Layout
  • Members Club Cards
  • Card Top Up During Transaction
  • Discount Structures
  • Multiple Price levels
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Table Tabs
  • Split Bills
  • Pop Up Lists for Food Options
  • Daily Takings Reports
  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Time & Attendance for Employee Shifts
  • Easy Programming and Product Maintenance
  • Stock Control

The tills can share a single receipt printer, allow for Clerks to Float between tills when the bar is busy. They can be cashed up together or separately and offer an extensive array of back office reports. The tills also offer a fairly unique facility that they can be programmed either at the till or in the back office. This significantly improves the flexibility for the club.