Golf Clubs offer more than just Golf. Their I.T. System needs to help manage all their resources.

The Event Management system can be configured to “Run the Golf Club”. You can insert all events that have an impact over the course or clubhouse. It automatically reserves Tee times and books function rooms. Catering options can be configured and then allocated to events. Function sheets are then created for all staff. The system also offers a colour coded diary for easy viewing of availability.

The extensive reports offer forward catering information, ideal for kitchen staff. There are also forward booking reports and forward budget reports that help the management understand the amount of business that is booked and how it is broken down. The Event software also keeps track on customer details for mail shot reasons.

Features include:

  • Colour Coded Diary Display
  • Automated Function Sheet Creation
  • Integrated to Tills for Item Charging
  • Invoice Creation
  • Reserves Tee Times for Golf Days
  • Forward Bookings Reports
  • Forward Catering and Event Reports
  • Customer Management System
  • Manages Weddings, Seminars, Member Events etc.
  • Package Creation

The Event Management module helps the club to better manage its functions and understand the income stream into the club, it takes away the need for the club diary and gives multiple users at the club the ability to track events and update changes if required.