The SAHARA system creates an interface to the Web Site members section giving members their own portal to the club.

Golfers are expecting more and more facilities to be available on the internet. Many clubs now have internet booking, some of them even have the live booking facility that actually checks genuine availability and then reserves the tee times without any intervention at the club. Imagination has all this and more.

For the non member yes, they can book tee times but members can perform a host of functions via the web site. They can book tee times, enter competitions, view their club card and print off their handicap certificate. They can also update their personal information knowing that it will be updated on the clubs master database.

Contact Details Update

Members can update their personal details via the members pages of the web site. These updates are then sent down to the system at the club however they do require an administrator to authorise SAHARA to accept these changes. If details are changed at the club the web site is updated on a regular basis.

Diary Link To Event Management

The Event Management system used at the club has a flag on each event that enables the event details to be automatically posted up to the event calendar on the web site. If the event details are changed they are automatically updated on the web site. Operators can choose to remove events from the web site if desired.

Club Card Information

Members can view the last 10 transactions and current balance from their club card account.

Competition Entry

If the club uses the Imagination competition entry system then they can choose to have an interface via the web site to allow members to enter via the web site. The club can specify how many days in advance they are allowed to book.

Tee Bookings

Members have the ability to book tee times via the web site. They can specify additional members they are playing with or select guest. The booking rights are controlled by the administrators.

For those clubs who want to allow visitors to book tee times there is an on-line booking facility. Players can select the date and time they wish to play and then if they have not registered before, they have to complete their contact details to confirm the booking. Confirmation emails are sent to both player and club.

Handicap Certificates

If clubs use the Handicap Master software then members can display and print their own handicap certificates via the web site. They can also display the full handicap list of all the members at the club.

When each member logs into the web site their home page screen displays any future bookings and competitions they have booked.

The web site continues to be the members portal into the I.T. system at the club. Golfers are using the internet more and more to look up and book golf. The interface that we have allows them to have more access to information at the club than any other system available in the UK.

The club also has easy ways of uploading information to the members diary and enabling/disabling access to the members site all via their own management system at the club. The internet is a vital part of any business and now Imagination can make your job easier and give your members better access than ever before.