Golf Club Member Management

Maintaining Your Members Database Is Key To The Management Of Every Golf Club.

SAHARA includes all the tools that a club needs to manage its membership. It provides a flexible facility that can be used for all types of Golf Club. The easy to use interface allows it to be learnt quickly by all users at the club and the comprehensive information that it provides gives everybody the information that they need.

The system has got extensive authorisation control to allow different users at the club to have access to only the parts that they need. The reports give very useful information about the clubs finances, activity and usage.

Features include:

  • Membership Accounts
  • Club Card Transaction Lists
  • Manual and Automated Renewal System
  • Customised Lists
  • One Click Email Facility
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Automatic Group Email Generation System
  • Single or Group Mail Merge with MS Word
  • Label Printing
  • Direct Debit Manager for Membership Payments
  • Array of Reports
  • Linked Members

The SAHARA membership system is designed to cope with the needs of a busy golf club. It allows staff to easily capture visitor contact details and then create mail shots for either email or postage.