Your Club – Your Colour – Your Pages – Your Choice

Websites are becoming increasingly viewed on mobile phones and therefore website’s need to be able to adapt and become more compatible.

Imagination now offer a mobile web app solution and have developed a template that is both flexible and user friendly which can be viewed on all smart phones and tablets. We offer a range of colours to incorporate the traditional club colour or a modern multi-coloured alternative. Before we released this we made sure we put it through rigorous glitch and Web Application Penetration Testing to ensure it’s usability and security.

Our mobile web app is specifically designed for handheld devices, as there is no need to browse a desktop website on a smartphone.

Mobile websites are specifically designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed, which means less waiting and more browsing. More customers are likely to purchase your products too if this is the case! You can even track what payment method most customers prefer and how they found your website by checking your customer’s journey. If you are not sure what that is you can always check out for more information.

Our mobile web app offers the customer easy access to the information they would be looking for whilst also allowing the club to promote all of their facilities, the web app includes:-

Golf CourseLayout of each hole – Scorecard

ContactClub Number – Pro Shop Number – Email – Facebook – TwitterLocation – Directions

News Items Club News

Club Diary Diary of upcoming events at the clubQR-imgolf

Tee TimesBook Tee Times online

Members Link to Handicap and Competition software

Gallery Photo gallery of the course

WeatherCurrent weather at the club

FacilitiesList of the available facilities at the club

These are our standard options but we are happy to tailor them to the needs of your golf club, as you can see from Broke Hill Golf Club in the example above.

If you would like to visit one of our mobile web apps then please go to

For more information about our mobile web app please contact us on 01276 681027 or click the enquire button below.