During 2015 Imagination have undertaken a significant amount of development work on a number of projects, these include a refresh to the IMS Membership System, a new version of the Event Management software including a new CRM module and the launch of our new Members Website. The intention is to have the refreshed IMS Membership System and the new Event Management software available to our customers early in the New Year, even though we will continue to develop the products further during the course of 2016.

As well as our continued development we will also be investing in an array of upgraded Web Servers over the forthcoming year. This will give us greater performance and capacity as well as increased security. These upgrades will take place at agreed times and will not cause any downtime of existing web sites.

For a more detailed explanation of each project please see below:-

IMS Refresh

The main focus of the refresh was to give the system a more modern look and give it cross-browser compatibility. However we have also taken the opportunity to resolve a few issues and add more functionality as well.

We have achieved the first 2 aspects by adding a new skin to the system, it now has more of a look of a standard Content Management System with all of the menu options down the left hand side, which in turn makes the navigation much easier. We have reduced the size of the main panel by moving out some of the less important information about the member, such as the address, although it is still accessible from elsewhere within the system. The overall look and feel is now much cleaner and sharper than before.

Whilst undertaking the re-skinning we have also taken the opportunity to make some modifications and bug fixes. The main changes are listed below:-

There will be more to follow and we will let people know when these are available.

  • In the membership record we have added a “Select” option next to each entry in the record. Click on the word select and the line is highlighted, allowing you to use the option buttons at the top to view, pay, credit etc etc. Previously you had to click on the relevant line to highlight it and people often didn’t realise this.
  • The membership reference number is now produced as a result of joining a member into a category, whereas previously it was the actual paying off of the membership that produced the membership reference number.
  • When joining a new member for a period shorter than the full year or regrading an existing member, there is now a discount button next to the category. When you click this you will see 11 radio buttons, this will allow you to select how many months the membership is due to last and the system will calculate the amount to be charged. This figure can always be overtyped if required.
  • When joining a new member into a category that has either an upper or lower age limit, the systems age detector will flag if the member concerned is in the wrong age bracket for the membership category they are being joined into.
  • When you regrade a member and select today’s date as the start date of the new membership, the system updates the membership record straight away. Previously it would leave the membership record the same until the following day.
  • When adding a charge using the DD system, the record on the members account now says “Direct Debit Charge for month Dec 2015” rather than “Direct Debit Charge for month 5″
  • On the Joiners Leavers report we have amalgamated the full paying members with the DD paying members.
  • All searches are now returned in alphabetical order, whereas previously they were returned in their internal ID number order.
  • Another benefit of the refresh is that it can now be used in any browser, whereas previously it could only be used in Internet Explorer.

As part of this refresh we are also currently adding document emailing capabilities to the system with a view to being able to offer the function of sending out renewal letters via email in 2016.

We will be looking to upgrade our current customers early in 2016 and will contact each club in turn, however should you have any questions or queries please give us a call on 01276 681027. Example screens of how the new system looks can be seen below:-

Event Management

The Event Management System has been completely re-written using some of the latest Microsoft technology tools which includes a cloud based option if required. The new software has all the functionality of the previous version with a number of new features including a CRM module to manage any type of enquiry that you receive from the initial contact right through to the event itself. The software which will be launched early in 2016 will have the following features:

  • Contact Database
  • Email Facility
  • Reporting Module
  • Events Booking
  • Tee Times Reservation
  • Multi User System
  • Integrated with Till Systems
  • Update Log
  • Quotes / Confirmation Sheet / Function Sheets
  • Invoices
  • Calander
  • Reminders
  • To Do’s
  • Admin Permissions


We have developed our very own CRM system (Customer Relationship Manager) to help our customers manage their enquiries from the initial contact right through to the event itself. The system has been developed using the latest Microsoft tools and is fully integrated with the Event Management System.

Within the CRM system you can add an enquiry, add a follow up, schedule an activity, set a reminder, add a to-do and add a campaign. The system is a multi user system that means you can set tasks for other members of staff who will receive an email confirmation that a task has been set up for them, as well as pop up reminder on their screen on the day the task is scheduled.

The main panel is divided into four quarters, one for enquiries, one for follow ups, one for activities and one for campaigns. However this layout is totally customisable by the user, you can move the sections around or filter the options so that just your own enquiries are displayed.

Within each enquiry there is an update log which tracks everything that is recorded within the enquiry and the ID of the person who made the update, this will be very useful when tracking how the enquiry is progressing. There is also the functionality of an email system which means that information can be easily sent out and tracked via the update log.

The CRM system is available with unlimited capture licences per club, however, for the users that need to manage those enquiries, they will need a management licence at a cost of £25.00 per user, per month. This can be invoiced on a quarterly basis or paid monthly via Direct Debit.

For information about the CRM software please contact us on 01276 681027.

Members Websites

Early in 2015 we launched the new version of our members website, which maintains the original website features and includes a number of new additional features. The new features added are as follows:-

  • Course Status updates
  • New responsive admin system
  • Complete integration with Handicap Master
  • Buddy Board System

We have continued the development of the members websites throughout 2015 and will be looking to add new features in 2016 as well, the new features that are currently in development are:

  • Team Manager and Match Organiser
  • Social Groups
  • Online Payment of Memberships
  • Online Top Up of Club Card

Hopefully you can see that we have had a busy year and this is set to continue into 2016. We have invested heavily in the development of the software and services that we offer in an increasing attempt to offer the best facilities to our clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and we look forward to working with you all next year.


Ian, Ian & Katie.